Voyagers Movie Review and Spoilers


Voyagers Movie Review and Spoilers

Voyagers Movie Review and Spoilers
Voyagers Movie Review and Spoilers

The world is becoming uninhabitable for mankind. Human civilization wants to settle on a new planet, leaving behind a world that has been ravaged by climate change, war, and violence. Finally, in 2064, a planet was found to have water and oxygen. The planet is in the habitable zone in terms of temperature like Earth. This is the only way to save the human race now. In anticipation of the founding of civilization and complete colonization of this new planet, scientists began to plan to send a group of people.

However, time is a big challenge like the world! Everyone is worried about the ever-deteriorating human body and the certainty of death.

This journey is 8 years long! That is, the crew will reproduce and die in the spaceship. Their third generation, grandchildren, will settle on the new planet. It is unquestionable to send an adult or an ordinary person on this journey. To survive, you will never return to the earth, you will never touch your family, you will never see the beauty of the world with two eyes. This thought will upset even the toughest people. Even if they are not at the beginning of the journey, they can also compromise the mission.

Scientists therefore synthetically create human offspring using cells from healthy donors. Everyone grew up in intensive care, from captivity in a closed compound. They are given only the training required for spaceship and colonization. These teenagers cannot lead a normal human life. Ensure that they grow as forced workers/tools. Those who follow the rules and the only meaning of their lives will be the success of the mission. They will also propagate synthetically.

No human can ever be forced to obey rules like a robot. So they are given daily medicine so that they can live a forced life in the spaceship. This ensures their mental control as well as body control. Their feelings of anger, joy, and pain are suppressed. Each crew member is turned into an avid worker by suppressing sexual feelings and impulsive behavior.

However, the mission plan was suddenly interrupted, at one point this secret of medicine was revealed. Gradually everyone started to avoid taking this drug. Feelings of oppression overwhelm their minds and bodies. Chaos, violence, selfishness, beatings lead to heinous crimes like murder or rape. Death is the only adult person on the ship and the captain of the ship. The whole spaceship turned into a ticking time bomb.

They despise the mission and focus on enjoying life. Factions, divisions, and quarrels started. Politics begins, the party is made heavy by fabricating false stories of fictional aliens, scapegoats are made and disliked opponents are killed! They took up arms against each other and went to war. That is to say, the same situation is created by these human children from the negative aspects of which human civilization was fleeing. Although hidden from civilization and society, they are the manifestation of instincts. In this situation, what will be the future of mankind and their dream mission? The story goes on and on.

Some important questions have been raised in this movie. Is man as an animal or better than that? Is it at all possible for people to go beyond violence, hatred, and self-interest? Is all this our natural instinct? Or has our crew's captive lives and repression of feelings played a major role in their decline?

The story of this movie is not unique. Voyagers are undoubtedly inspired by the story of several sci-fi movies, including Moon (2009), The Hunger Games (2012), Life (2017), and The Maze Runner (2014). But I personally like its smooth making and important message. However, there is a weakness in the dialogue and story, which has been saved by a good casting crew. Voyager is not a bad addition to the teen sci-fi/thriller genre.

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