Israel-Palestine - This one post will answer thousands of your questions about Israel-Palestine


Israel-Palestine - This one post will answer thousands of your questions about Israel-Palestine

Israel-Palestine - This one post will answer thousands of your questions about Israel-Palestine
Israel-Palestine - This one post will answer thousands of your questions about Israel-Palestine

01. Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jewish

Those who are ruling in today's Israel are basically European Jews. They are called Ashkenazi Jews. They are Jews from Europe and settled in the Palestinian territories. There are some Arab Jews who were already in Palestine. And some came from other Arab countries. They are called Mizrahi Juush. There are some Hispanic Jews. However, the elite class is Ashkenazi Jewish. They are the ones who have been expelled from Germany and France and occupied Palestinian lands. They are impossibly violent, xenophobic, and rich. They are the elite class of Israel. The culture of the Arab Jews is in no way compatible with their culture.

02. Why are Orthodox Jews anti-Israel?

According to Judaism, it is strictly forbidden for Jews to form a separate state until the Messiah (Dajjal to Muslims) comes. This is why Orthodox Jews and Jewish religious leaders in other countries are anti-Israel. Because this state is also forbidden in Judaism. Despite claiming to be a religious country, Israel is not a Jewish country, it is a Zionist country.

03. Zionism and Zionism

Simply put, Zionism is a political term for Jewish nationalism. Zionism is a nationalist movement and ideology that seeks to establish a homeland for the Jewish people in Jerusalem through the formation of the state of Israel. Those who believe in Zionism are called Zionists.

04. Now the difference between Zionism and Judaism?

Being a Jew is not a condition for being a Zionist. Because many Jews do not believe in Zionism again or do not want to form a Jewish state by occupying Jerusalem. That is, non-Jews can also be Zionists. Again, Jews do not mean Zionists. Zionism is probably called Zionism in Bengal. Hinduism and Hinduism are not the same, much the same. Judaism is called Judaism. So Judaism (Judaism) and Zionism (establishment of the Jewish state) are two different things.

05. Founder of Zionism and father of the nation of Israel

So the founder of Zionism is Theodore Hertzel, the father of the state of Israel. His dream was to have a separate country for the Jews who supported the Zionist movement and that would be in the holy land of Palestine. He, however, never saw Israel again in his lifetime. But he tried in many ways.

07. Proposal to the Ottoman Caliph Abdul Hamid to establish a Jewish state in Theodore:

The Ottoman Caliph Abdul Hamid wrote a letter to Theodore proposing that some land be allotted to the Temple for the Jews. In return, all the debts of Turkey will be repaid. When the caliph rejected the offer, in May 1901, Theodore sent the offer again to his close friend, the Polish Philip Neulinsky. This time the caliph was offered a large gift, including a large amount of gold. The banking concept thing came from the Jews in their business of interest. For this reason, their property was abundant. Caliph Abdul Hamid said: The land of Palestine is not the only resource that I will write off. It owns every drop of Muslim blood. I can't let that happen to survive.

07. The fall of the Ottoman Caliphate and the establishment of the Jewish state

Caliph Abdul Hamid is dead, the Ottoman Caliphate has been destroyed. The caliphate has been abolished. The British won the war. Theodore Hertzell is dead. But his ideology has become stronger day by day. The country of his dreams has been established.

The British set-aside space in Palestine for the Jews from Europe. The country of Theodore's dream was founded on the blood of the Palestinians. Millions of people became refugees. Homes and lives were lost. The Zionists then had an armed militia. They would kill Palestinians, burn village after village, and occupy that land. And they were especially helped by the British.

07. White Jews, Negro Jews, and Arab Jews - these three types of Jews had different animosities among themselves:

Even in this Jewish state established for the Jews, the Jews are the victims of discrimination. Those who are black Jews are also victims of discrimination. With this, they have taken to the streets many times. The biggest victims are Arab Jews. Because their language is Arabic, their dress is like that of Arab Muslims. They don't get jobs because they speak Arabic, they don't get jobs because they dress like Arabs. Despite being Jewish in religion, they are victims of discrimination, bullying, and harassment because they are not the same in the nation. They are told to hate the Arabs. So those who used to be in Arab countries, that is, the elderly, cannot accept the matter. They protest. There is no gain. So it is easy to guess how those who practice their religion with the Jews will treat the Arab Muslims.

09. US-UK support for Israel since statehood

Again, we can see

Israel has received direct support from the British and Americans since the beginning. It is also said that American troops fought for Israel in the Arab-Israeli war. Yet when Israel kills Palestinians, kills women and children, takes over, the United States vetoes any UN resolution against Israel. Directly defends Israel.

They regularly violate UN law, international law, human rights, war crimes law. But it doesn't matter to them. Because there is America. They openly defended Israel, completely naked.

10. That is why Israel has no borders

Israel has no borders. Because they are occupying every day.

Any day a Jewish settler will come and tell you this house is mine. Then the Israeli police will come and take you out, take the men to jail. Then the bulldozer will come and demolish your house. Then government money will be used to build houses for the Jews there.

The Palestinians, who had been evicted from their homes for hundreds of years, became refugees in one day. They have to take refuge somewhere as refugees. In this way, they occupy their homes every day and the Palestinians become refugees.

11. The West has opened the door to all opportunities for Jews in their country

The money that is spent to build houses for the Jews also comes from America, both publicly and privately.

Again, about ৪ 4 billion in military aid comes to Israel every year.

Visas are almost free for Israelis in Western countries. They get scholarships from infamous and expensive universities. Apart from this, almost all the big companies have billions of dollars invested in Israel. They invest in education, they invest in research, they invest in tourism.

12. Palestine was crippled by the Oslo Accords

The Palestinians, on the other hand, do not know whether their home will remain until tomorrow. I don't even know if there will be life. I don't even know if the school will be there. The Israeli police raided the house at night and arrested him. There is no protection even if it is a young child. The Palestinians are not allowed to have an army or a police force. There is a force called the Palestinian Security Forces, they are not allowed to carry any heavy weapons. Yasser Arafat's PLO agreed to this in an agreement with Israel.

As a result, even though Mahmoud Abbas is the president, he has no power at work.

Israel has occupied Palestine in such a way that in a few years it will occupy the whole of Palestine.

13. Gaza and the West Bank

Palestine is divided into two parts. Gaza Valley on one side, West Bank on the other. Israel in the middle. It's a lot like East Pakistan and West Pakistan, West Bank and Gaza, Israel in the middle, like India. To remember, Gaza is Bangladesh, West Bank Pakistan. India is Israel in the middle. (I said for the convenience of understanding the geographical location or map). Although Israelis can travel to almost 180 countries around the world visa-free, Palestinians have to obtain Israeli permission to travel from one place to another. If anyone from the Gaza Strip wants to go to the West Bank, they have to apply a long time ago. Even in 90% of cases, permission is not available. Israel only allows interrogation if it is satisfied. Most Gazans have never seen the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Because Al Aqsa is in the West Bank.

14. Fatah and Hamas

Fatah and Hamas are the two political parties in Palestine. Hamas has a majority in Gaza and the PLO in the West Bank. However, in the 2008 Palestinian elections, Hamas came to power in Palestine, winning over the PLO. Ismail Haniya is the Prime Minister. But Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas seized power as prime minister. Much like the election in Pakistan. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman could not become the Prime Minister of Pakistan even after being elected. The same thing happened with Ismail Haniya. Since then, Ismail Haniya has been the Prime Minister in his hometown of Gaza. But the problem is that Palestine itself is not independent. Mahmoud Abbas's PLO Israel demilitarized Palestine and the West Bank in accordance with all conditions, but Hamas in Gaza did not accept it.

15. The Fatah-controlled West Bank is largely occupied by Israelis

There is no army in the West Bank under Israeli conditions. There are security forces, with only one police force in their name. Whatever they have, they have to help the Israeli police. They have no heavy weapons. Whatever light weapons there are, they are also given by Israel. Their car was also given by Israel. Which Israel always tracks. Even if a Palestinian is forcibly taken illegally, the Palestinian security forces cannot do anything. That's why Israeli police can search any house in the West Bank at any time. The rock-throwing scenes we see are mostly from the West Bank. Because they are not allowed to keep weapons. If he wants to, he can take it out of the house and occupy it, it is also in the West Bank. Because of the Israeli occupation in the West. Residents have a fair amount of freedom of movement, but can't say when their homes will be evicted. Neither Fatah nor PLO can do anything about it.

16. But Israel is unable to subdue Hamas-controlled Gaza

On the other hand, the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip does not accept any Israeli conditions. They have the military. Israeli police cannot enter their territory. They provide security there themselves. They have artillery units. They have heavy weapons. Most of which they make themselves. The Israeli settlers are far from here, the Israeli police and the Israeli army cannot enter. Israel has cordoned off the Gaza Strip from all sides because it does not accept Israeli conditions. Israel on both sides of Gaza, Egypt on one side, and the sea on the other. Israel has landed on them with land, air, and sea blocks. The Gaza Strip is said to be the largest prison in the world.

16. The way Egypt, Israel, Sisi, Fattah are related to Palestine

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has erected walls on the Egyptian border. There were tunnels under the ground for the Palestinians to move through, which he closed.

When Egypt opened the border to the Palestinians after Muhammad Morsi came to power, Israel took Morsi as the biggest threat. The Israeli-Saudi-Emirati alliance overthrew Morsi and brought Sisi to power. At that time, Saudi Arabia was the first to congratulate CC. Although Israel's intentions were different, their goals were the same. Palestinians burn foreheads. Since then, the border has been closed to Palestinians. Egypt also bulldozed the houses on the Egyptian border to use the tunnel.

16. There is no airport in Gaza

Hamas-ruled Gaza has an average literacy rate of 99%. When houses are destroyed in an Israeli attack, they fix the schools first. They have an international standard university. There was an airport in Gaza, called Gaza International Airport, which Israel destroyed. There are no more airports in the whole of Palestine.

19. Israel has two wars with Hamas

The Palestinian resistance movement fought two full-scale Israeli wars with Hamas. The Israeli army suffered heavy casualties. Israel retreated after heavy casualties in the 2014 war. The war, which lasted from July 7 to August 28, killed about 100 Israeli soldiers and 2,000 Palestinians.

But it was also a huge blow to Israel.

20. Turkey, Iran, and Qatar are helping Gaza

Food and essential medicines are smuggled into the Gaza Strip.

Iran smuggled arms and Qatari money. In addition, Turkey uses the sea border and the Israeli border to ship food, medicine, and other necessities to Gaza. Israel once sank a Turkish ship. Other Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, send a large portion of their donations to Palestine. However, it does not go to Gaza but to the West Bank.

21. Hamas never bows to Israel

Israel has repeatedly told Hamas that if you accept our terms, disband the army, surrender, disarm, we will lift your blockade. You can go wherever you want. We can work here. You can buy whatever you want.

Mahmoud Abbas's PLO agreed to the terms in the West Bank, but Ismail Haniya and Khalid Mishal's Hamas in the Gaza Strip did not. Which is why they are blocked. For this reason, the Palestinians in the West Bank threw stones and stones at Israel, but the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fought with weapons and fired missiles at Israel.

22. Israel's "Iron Dome" vs. "Hamas Rocket"

However, Israel's state-of-the-art defense system, the Iron Dome, destroys Palestinians with these missiles in the air.

This time, however, Israel's Iron Dome was not able to intercept Hamas missiles. Many of the missiles hit roads and buildings in various Israeli cities. This has surprised his allies, including Israel. However, Ismail Haniye said this last year. The question now is how much damage the Iron Dome is capable of because Hamas missiles are not sophisticated missiles. These they make from pipes and other discarded items. How safe is the Iron Dome after these handmade rockets hit?

** Israel receives nearly 4 billion in annual military aid from the Western world, billions of dollars in education and research investment, almost visa-free travel, and scholarships to renowned universities. The compassionate support of America, Canada, Britain, Australia, Europe, so much so that when you compare the besieged Palestine with Israel, you ask, "How far has Israel advanced in science but why has Palestine not advanced in science?" Said, are you not ashamed?

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