The Woman in the Window 2021 Drama Review and Spoilers


The Woman in the Window 2021 Drama Review and Spoilers

Suppose you are alone in the flat in this lockdown. Tell me how much longer Facebooking can be done! Movie; He saw it for an hour! So an evil idea came to your head! What a sight to behold in silence; What is happening in the flats in front !!

The Woman in the Window 2021 Drama Review and Spoilers

That's right: It's a "Rear Window" for the COVID age.

The Woman in the Window will give you a light flavor of Hitchcock's Rear Window. But this movie did not become a complete hiccup! Director Joe Wright may have a little more whimsical audience! But even if the director does not fail in this case; I don't think he was able to give as much as expected in the end. I will say one time watchable.

The main attraction of the movie is its casting. Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Anthony Mackie are some of the best actors in the movie. The story begins with a great mystery story with just a few characters. Although the beginning took a long time to build the story; I felt that this was all that was needed to create mystery.

The story begins with Anna Fox suffering from an impossible social disorder. Although a psychologist by profession, he did not go out of the house for ten months. He doesn't talk to anyone except the only tenant and his psychotherapist. Spend time watching movies and keep an eye on nearby flats. A camera is his companion in this case. One night he saw a woman murdered in the front flat! Has anyone really been killed or is he suffering from hallucinations due to overdose?

Director Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride & Prejudice) has done some of the perfect camera work that has created a claustrophobic appeal to us as well as to Amy Adams. In this case, his partner was cinematographer Bruno Delbonel. So the light of the room, the play of shadows, and the color of the walls seemed to express Anna Fox's fear, depression, and loneliness.

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