Nayattu Movie Review and Spoilers


Nayattu Movie Review and Spoilers 

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl.

And this is the Malayalam movie Nayattu made with such a plot.

Nayattu Movie Review and Spoilers

The attraction towards Malayalam movies is always a little too much.

They have always shown skill in presenting any ordinary plot in an extraordinary way.

And if people are survival thrillers then the interest increases even more.

So all in all, Nayattu was one of the most wanted movies of the year.

So let's see how much the movie was able to meet expectations!

The words politics, government, power, system, and abuse seem to be tied together.

The people who control the system have to abide by the constraints of the system created by the upper house and sometimes the people who are controlled by the system have to face various problems in order to maintain that system.

Nayattu has created a director with such a plot.

Story summary:

The story is about three police officers.

One of them is the old man who has just joined. So naturally, he knows a little less about police rules.

Second John Mariappan, Senior Officer.

Has been working for 20 years.

Very caring for his daughter.

The third is Sunita.

A female police officer is being harassed by her own relatives.

So there was an accident at the police station with an unruly man from the election party (Sunita's relative).

One of the members of the group was injured when the accident happened in front of their car.

This time, the three of them got angry when they were taken to the hospital.

When the man died before reaching the hospital, the three of them became embroiled in a power struggle.

This time the story goes on with the survival of the three of them.

Own opinion

First of all, we have to talk about direction.

About 8 years after the Charlie movie, director Martin Prokkat has returned to directing with this movie

And even after all these years, he has proved that he is as skilled in romantic people as he is in other people.

He has beautifully portrayed every scene of the movie.

The screenplay in the middle is a bit slow but overall it is quite good.

And what is always good in Malayalam movies is the cinematography.

This time too he is no exception.

The story of the movie was simple but very strong.

We are very familiar with the term abuse of power.

For example, at the beginning of the movie, there was an incident where two children were brought to the police station to walk around with a class fucker.

During interrogation, both of them came to know that the girl was a relative of the minister.

The abuse of power begins.

Pressure came from upstairs on the police that the boy should be hanged in a serious case and put in jail.

And the police are forced to do so because they too fall into the hands of those controlled by the system

The director has highlighted a lot with this one incident.

In the end, I will say that the story of the movie is not an unknown story.

We are part of it ourselves.

Turning such a subject into a movie is like a silent protest of the director.

There should be more movies like this.

And this movie is an example for those who say they don't get good content or budget to make a movie.

The Malayalam industry deserves praise for making a great movie with a very low budget and very real subject matter.

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