What Food Has the Highest Calcium?


What Food Has the Highest Calcium?

What Food Has the Highest Calcium?
What Food Has the Highest Calcium?

Do you want to know what food has the highest 

now there are other types of cheeses 

that are high in calcium but  

parmesan cheese has the most calcium of any food 

which is interesting you can also get calcium  

from leafy greens nuts seeds things like that 

but the cheese will give you the most calcium now  

if you have a prostate problem or you have high 

estrogen levels or a fibroid if you're female  

you want to get your calcium from other sources 

not cheese because too much cheese can actually  

swell up the prostate and cause difficulty 

urinating as well as getting up too frequently  

through the night so I'm not suggesting that you 

just start consuming cheese but you know a little  

bit of cheese would give you a good amount of 

calcium especially parmesan cheese now that's  

all interesting but what is calcium good for most 

people talk about bone health which is true and  

preventing muscle cramps which is absolutely 

true because you need calcium as the part of  

the contraction mechanism in your muscles as 

well as magnesium for relaxation but mainly  

calcium as the contraction part of a muscle 

cycle but also blood clotting you need calcium  

from blood clotting but it has another very 

the very important purpose that I want to bring up  

which has to do with supporting your cellular 

membranes okay and specifically cell signaling  

and another interesting point is in a plant 

calcium has everything to do with supporting  

the membranes of a plant cell so without calcium 

you get all sorts of holes in the membrane and  

it makes things fragile and it creates all 

sorts of additional issues but with our body  

it really makes that cellular membrane very very 

strong and it regulates the resealing mechanism  

the repair mechanism of that cell membrane 

which is a bilayer or double layer of fat  

so whether there's mechanical damage from 

exercise or trauma to the cell membranes or  

chemical damage okay from pesticides whatever 

or alcohol or infection virus bacterial fungus  

or a lack of oxygen from a blood clot or a heart 

attack or just free radical damage in general  

which leaves the membrane with little holes 

in it or damage calcium comes in there and  

helps to regulate this process to help reseal 

it and so this is one of the big problems with  

calcium if you have chronic damage to your 

cell membranes as in chronic inflammation  

you get calcium buildup in the tissues 

in the joints and inside the arteries  

in the brain on the eyes so calcium is part 

of the healing process or in the repair process  

and so anytime you see calcium deposits anywhere 

in the body realize it has to do with chronic  

inflammation and an overstimulation 

of this healing mechanism that occurs  

and so then people start taking vitamin k2 to 

remove the calcium and they start to avoid calcium  

what they really need to do is address the 

inflammation and to do that you need to re-address  

a lot of things you have to take a holistic 

approach but anyway I wanted to emphasize the  

great importance calcium has in our body and the 

the big function that a lot of people don't know about  

maintaining cell membrane repair and health hey 

before you go real quick.

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