karmasangsthan bank loan bd 2021 | karmasangsthan bank unsecured loan at 8% interest for a period of 5 years

karmasangsthan bank loan bd 2021 | karmasangsthan bank unsecured loan at 8% interest for a period of 5 years

Karmasangsthan Bank is giving loans of Tk 20,000 to Tk 5 lakh without collateral for the self-employment of unemployed and semi-unemployed people of the country. Under the 'Bangabandhu Youth Loan Policy', unemployed youth and young women are eligible to get this loan at 8 percent simple interest. The loan is being given for five years. However, only those who have received training from government, semi-government and autonomous institutions are getting loans. Bangladesh Bank has provided a loan facility of Tk 700 crore for the implementation of this program.

The Financial Institutions Division of the Ministry of Finance held a meeting on the progress of the implementation of the incentives. According to the Employment Bank, a loan of Tk 568.31 crore has been disbursed from July to January 15 of the current financial year. And 36 thousand 702 people got loans. On average, one person has got a loan of more than one and a half lakh rupees. Mujib had set a target of giving loans to 2 lakh people in a year.

Employment Bank was formed in 1998. The bank has 33 regional offices and 24 branches. The purpose of the bank was to involve unemployed youth in economic activities, create self-employment, encourage investment in cottage industries, and help alleviate poverty.
Etc. Since its inception, the bank has been providing loans to meet that objective. However, the bank does not have the capacity to lend as much as the demand for loans.

Who will get the loan: In order to get the loan, the eighth-grade pass was once prescribed as an educational qualification. At present, it has been brought down to the fifth class pass. The loan applicant must be unemployed or semi-unemployed. Age should be 18 to 35 years. However, age up to 40 years can be relaxed in special consideration.

Apart from this, in order to get a loan, one has to have training from the Department of Youth Development, BSIC, BIDA, Social Development Foundation (SDF), and other government-approved institutions. Borrowers will not be eligible for the loan. The same customer or group will not be considered eligible for a loan in multiple projects. However, even if the loan is given at 8 percent simple interest, if the installment defaults, this interest will be taken at the rate of 10 percent.

Need a guarantor: Anyone who is a permanent resident of the project area and has a house and land and is able to repay the loan can be a guarantor. The applicant's father, mother, husband, wife, or any third party can be the guarantor. Any resident of a district can give a guarantee or guarantee against the loan of the entrepreneur of any branch under that district. People working in government, semi-government and autonomous organizations can also be guarantors.

Employment Bank Managing Director. Tajul Islam recently said, "Four months ago, the board of directors of Bangladesh Bank approved a proposal to give us Tk 700 crore to give Bangabandhu youth loan." Of this, Tk. 350 crore was received but I am waiting to get the rest. 'Source: Prothom Alo.