Mohanagar web series review and spoilers


Mohanagar web series review and spoilers

Mohanagar -  (2021-)

People: Drama, thriller

IMDB Rating: 9.5 (rating must go up and down)

Season 01, episode number: 08

Mohanagar web series review and spoilers
Mohanagar web series review and spoilers

There was work in hand, I thought, after watching one or two episodes of the web series, I will watch the rest of the night! But I could not handle myself! I finished the series of eight episodes in one sitting! In a word, just wow! Made the series, Ashfaq Nipun! The more I see the work of the gentleman, the more fascinated I am!

However, let's review then.

🎈🎈 Plot:

It was seen at the beginning that OC Harun and Sub-Inspector Malay Kumar, their team came to search a place after finding a criminal! For some reason, OC Aaron wants to go alone without anyone to the place mentioned! However, when OC Aaron went to search alone, he found the criminal but for some unknown reason, he let him escape and came out saying that there was no one there and the information was fake!

Meanwhile, it is known that a boy has been brought to the police station for pushing a car. Meanwhile, OC Harun took a boy named Abir to the police station along with his car despite all the documents of the car being in order. What is the real purpose? After a while, it is known that the boy brought to the police station is Afnan Chowdhury who can be called rich Dulal! However, to testify against Afnan, an eyewitness at the police station, OC Aaron actually scared him away from the police station! Moreover, the body of the person who had an accident at the scene could not be found! Where did the body go? Meanwhile, AC Shahana Huda joined the investigation of this incident, accident, or murder knowingly! What happens next?

Let's talk about the actors ...

OC has played the role of Harun, everyone's favorite Musharraf Karim, whose actions should not be questioned! This is a gem of Bangladesh, if you get the right character, prove it again and again! Inspector Malay Kumar has played the role of Mostafizur Nur Imran! This guy was just wow in his character! Hopefully, he will be seen in more good deeds ahead! In the role of AC, Zakia Barry Mom was perfect, there is nothing new to say about her acting!

 Khairul Basar in the role of Abir was great! I don't know the name of the man who played the thief, but he was perfect in his character, I like his comedy character! Finally, not to mention Shyamal Mawla who played the role of Afnan Chowdhury! There is no speed without this gentleman!

Good content, he means there is Shyamal Mawla! His acting, outlook, seems to match every character in a great way! He was no exception in this series! Moreover, the rest of the actors were fine in their respective characters!

The story of that Mohanagar that has been shown, who can tell if it is really based on an event! Who can really tell? The story of the series will seem familiar to everyone because the current situation says, where is the corruption? Schools, colleges, varsities, police stations, hospitals, government offices, can you tell where there is no corruption? To be sure, if this web series was planned to be released in the form of a movie, it is doubtful whether we would have seen this thing even after it was born! However, leave these things out!

The cinematography of that Mohanagar was just wow! I like the intro music very much! Moreover color grading, BGM was perfect! In particular, Musharraf Karim's dialogue was just wow! Mosharraf Karim's character was a very mysterious character! At first glance, it may seem that OC Aaron is nothing but a rogue cop, but the dialogues of the last episode mean something else! After watching the last episode, it is understood that season 02 will come! Hopefully, a lot of tangles will open in season 02!

Personal rating: 7.5

You can check out this web series built under the banner of Haichai, even if only to support native content! Personally quite like it!

Thanks for reading the review!


Mohanagar web series review and spoilers
Mohanagar web series review and spoilers


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