Morichika Web Series Review and Spoilers - IMDB Rating, Cast, Download

Morichika Web Series Review and Spoilers - IMDB Rating, Cast, Download


Morichika Web Series Review and Spoilers - IMDB Rating, Cast, Download

Moricika (web series)

Morichika Series Review and Spoilers - IMDB Rating, Cast, Download
Morichika Series Review and Spoilers - IMDB Rating, Cast, Download

Personal Rating: 07/10

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

** The biggest surprise is the addition of Afran Nishor as the villain. There is nothing to say about Afran Nishor's performance. He can easily blend into any character.

At the present time, Siam is doing a lot of good work on the big screen and is almost acclaimed for its work. Siam's performance in Portman or Dahan has garnered a lot of praise.

Jovan and lately are trying to get out of the usual circle and do something good.

And Mahiya Mahi will be the heroine in this web series. Many people have questioned Mahi's performance, but this Eid, Mahi has performed well enough in "Oxygen Shortfilm" directed by Raihan Rafi. If that continuity is maintained, Mahi will be able to give a good effort.

And since Shihab Shaheen will be the director, the audience can expect something good from him.

All in all, I am very excited & optimistic about the "Mirage" web series.

Review: One morning the body of a young woman was found under the bridge! Police officer Shakil was given the responsibility of investigation! However, after a while, it is known that the body is of a model whose name is Bonnie! Initially, the model's husband Jewel was caught as the main suspect and when the police went to his house to arrest Jewel, he fled! However, the matter became more mysterious, when Jewel himself came to the police station and surrendered! It is known from Jewel that a person named Babu Bhai is involved in this murder! But who is this babu brother? What is his identity? However, the investigation continues unabated and all the secret information of the dark world continues to come out! What happens in the end? What can be known about the real killer?

Afran Nisho has played the role of Babu Bhai alias Salam Sharif! Afran Nisho is one of the finest actors! His greatest quality is that he can adapt to any character! This time too he was no exception! Shihab Shaheen, Afran said about Nisho, such a form of Nisho has never been seen before! Overall, I like it! Mahiya Mahi has played the role of Bunny! Mahiya Mahi was good overall in his character! I like dishonesty in some places, but overall it's okay! Jovan's character was suitable for Jewel! Most importantly, I like Siam Ahmed in the role of police officer Shakil! Siam got enough time on screen and tried to give her best! All in all, it was good! Nazneen Chumki has acted very well in her character! Moreover, the rest were fine in their respective places!

The story of the series was good overall! Especially like cinematography a lot! I will not say BGM is great, but I like it! No exaggerated mystery was shown in the story! It was said that everything was in front of me, you just have to provide spices! The character that has been shown to be powerful has become a little more powerful in my opinion! Some more characters in this story could be brought effortlessly to make it perfect! Some of the dialogues in the series were incongruous, I didn't like it personally! And some mistakes could be caught, but stay! The 2nd season may come to me! Anyway, let's see what happens! And the content of the series is 18+! So, look at your own responsibility!

It's good to see good local content coming! Just need a little experience, then I hope we can make a world-class series! Seeing Shihab Shaheen's post, I was a little more interested but I couldn't be more thrilled than that! The online platform Charki site and the app, both seemed pretty well organized! An overall design like Noise, but I like it! Moreover, their upcoming content is quite impressive! The casting of Unalukik looked quite impressive! It's gone, you have to see it!

** The trailer of the much-awaited 'Prothom Alo' new OTT platform 'Charki' multi-casting web series "Morichika", scripted and directed by Shihab Shaheen, was released a while back.

Afran Nisho, who played a negative or villain role, has got more focus in the trailer of "Mirage", which is based on the murder of one of the most talked-about model murders of the zero decades. He has been able to show his caliber in various sequences.

After that, Siam Ahmed and Mahiya Mahi, who played the role of the police and that model respectively, were bright on the screen. Some of the shots of DUP Raju Raj looked quite exceptional and the background music that created tension was also promising.

Edit and color grading is not bad either. Let's see how "Mirage" is after its release next Eid! I am waiting.

Now, how do you watch the series?

A: You can buy a subscription for 30 days with 50 takas from Charkidatcom or Charki app. Banking, payment can be made in mobile banking method!

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