Morichika Web Series Review and IMDB Rating- casts, Download


Morichika Web Series Review and IMDB Rating- casts, Download

Morichika web series review and IMDB Rating- casts, Download
Morichika web series review and IMDB Rating- casts, Download

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We don't have to go back too much, if we look at the statistics of the last five years, we can see that the indigenous culture was revolving in a very click. Everything was grinding in the traditional cycle of the ancient structure of love-receiving-expectation. Of course, some ugly dramas were being produced with him, in which dramas were trying to attract the audience with some dirty, catchy words.

Morichika Web Series Full: Review 

A class of spectators was also formed, who were keen fans of such dramas. It was a time of great horror. For any society, regular consumption of healthy things like pulses, rice, potatoes, etc., or even the brain does not develop ... We have completely forgotten this natural thing. Looking back at that time in the past is therefore frightening. But no time is forever. As the song goes - the day of fire will end one day, much like that, the native culture has tried to turn around and many of them have succeeded. I do not dare to say that the construction of this country has come out of that vicious circle. However, the only hope is that the situation is changing.

Not that the past did not do well. Of course, it did. But those works outside the conventional equation did not come to the fore. There was not much publicity. There was no such talk. There was a time when the people of the country did not get a chance to see the constructions of the country properly; Going out is a far-fetched question! That scenario has also changed dramatically. As Bollywood's 'Film Companion' is reviewing the recent 'Mahanagar' web series, regular articles are being written in Kolkata's Bagha Bagha magazines, and Bengali-speaking viewers in India are regularly talking about web series like 'Contract', 'Takdir' or 'Janwar'.

Being overwhelmed. The biggest thing is that everyone is respecting our rise in OTT content. All the stars of the country, all the ladies have eaten Adajal, they are showing a great display of their power in various local constructions. All in all, a healthy upheaval has begun, the regrets of the construction of the past are fading away, the despair of the past is wreaking havoc.

Most hopefully, work doesn’t stop there. One construction after another is coming Talks about 'metropolis' are not over, meanwhile, some new constructions are going to come this July. Mostafa Sorayar Farooqi's 'Ladies and Gentlemen' is coming to the international platform 'GFive'. Most viewers have been fascinated by the trailer of that web series, which is made up of some contemporary issues filled with a bunch of stars. Not only this, the web series Mirage, Anthology series Unlokik will also come on the streaming site 'Charki'. There is no shortage of stars in these two productions, there is no shortage of great publicity ideas.

Everywhere in the poster-trailer-teaser, the tune of 'changed construction'. Mahmud Didar's 'Panchish' is coming to the online platform 'Binj'. There is no less optimism about this work of the political drama genre. There is also optimism about Sanjay Samaddar's 'Amanush' awaiting promotion on the OTT platform 'RTV Plus'.


News of one great construction after another is coming, this news is as promising as the works that are getting proper support at home and abroad, are not being neglected ... It also indicates, a healthy time.

It is also a matter of admiration that the producers and Kushils are getting involved in all the fancy campaigns. But perhaps the most important thing is the themes that the creators are creating. The builders have made these constructions a field of great protest by pointing fingers at the inconsistencies in society. As Satyajit Ray used to say, the language changes, the eyes of the camera also change. In the same way, the language of construction is changing, all the glowing indications of changing society are also coming up in the eyes of the camera.

Let there be this tidal current of the changing culture. This current needs to last for a long time to wash away the garbage that has been accumulated in the culture of the country for so long.


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