Karnan Movie Review and Spoilers


Karnan Movie Review and Spoilers

Before starting the review, let's talk a little bit about the mythological identity of the Carnan character. Karna is actually a tragic hero of the Mahabharata. He was born in the womb of Princess Kunti (mother of the Pandavas). Seeing the extraordinary heroism of the sun god, Princess Kunti became weak towards the god and later agreed to conceive her child. But since the princess was unmarried, Corner's birth was kept secret and floated in the Ganges. Karna later finds Aviratha Nanda and becomes a human being like her own child. At a young age, Karna is overwhelmed in the form of Draupadi and offers love, but since she is a child, Draupadi gives him back. That later takes Arjun as his life partner but due to misunderstanding of mother Kunti, Draupadi has to be the wife of five brothers in the end.

Karnan Movie Review and Spoilers
Karnan Movie Review and Spoilers

Once Karna became a very strong warrior and joined the battle of Kurukshetra on behalf of Duryodhana, his main goal was to kill Arjuna but he himself died in the battle. Moral of the Story Corn has gone through everything, even after being deprived of everything in his life,

Now let's talk about the movie, here Dhanush's character's name is Korn but it doesn't match Korn's story, his character actually matches King Arthur, at the beginning of the movie there is a tradition in their village that they can cut a fish into two pieces at once with their village symbolic sword. He will own the sword, the game is a lot like choosing a king. Carnan easily passed the test and got Draupadi's mind with him. At first glance, it seemed to me that Marie Selvaraj hadn't gotten what she wanted in mythical Korn's life. I mean, if that's his purpose, then what happened to sort the story this way? What does it mean to show King Arthur and his sword Excalibur metaphorically?

The movie plot revolves around a village and a few houses inhabited by a low caste Hindu family. The village is completely deprived of the surrounding villages, so bad that there are no bus stops and no bus stops, their only resource is unloaded trucks or 4 km away. Village bus stop. When he got up from the bus stop, the people of the village got into trouble and harassed the girls.

Everyone agrees on this, but the exception is Carnan, and Carnan is portrayed as the winner to get what he wants. And since he is King Arthur means Rightful Ruler of England (meaning his village) he will alleviate the misery of this village.

If you have read the reviews so far, you must understand that the movie has a lot of elements that are used metaphorically, and there are hidden messages, such as a large headless Buddha statue near the village which indicates that the area was once inhabited by Buddhists.

The headless statue signifies religious aggression, Gautam Buddha spreads the message of peace, as everyone knows, in one scene his head is seen on the severed head of the Buddha as he goes to rescue his mother's sword thrown in the water, meaning he will be the guide. Carner's inner conflicts are also shown metaphorically outside, such as a mule in a village with two legs blocked in front of him because he is not yet obedient. In one scene, Carnan cuts the rope on the mule's legs, causing the mule to run free. A bus breaks down completely, which means that all the hesitation he had in his mind for so long that they have to live in this way of the lower castes is removed and he runs away from this situation.

Since there is no bus stop in front of this village, most of the people in the village cannot go anywhere, their knowledge is limited, their aspirations are limited and other large communities want to keep the small races down.

So now the biggest question is who is the reason in this movie? Those who have seen the movie should know this answer. Let's see who can say.

Writer-director Marie Selvaraj has put a lot of effort into writing the script of the movie, especially the characters, but the overall screenplay has not been able to portray the characters that way, now it could be due to production or editing. The director has set the pace of the screenplay, not fast or slow, but the major moments are often very fast, which is why the signification was not focused, such as when the sword was found, the realization of the village was not focused. It was shown for a long time that everyone was celebrating with him. The metaphorical implication that a great responsibility is coming upon him, such as England's responsibility for King Arthur, will not shape the character Carnan at that age.

Dhanush's Comfort Zone It's good that his actions will be good, I like the performance of Crowd Cast is very natural. Warcry-type music with a rough throat in the music has added a different layer to the film which is quite interesting.

It is nice to see the structure of a well thought out script characters, the great filmmakers and writers of our country can study this screenplay. You will get a good idea of ​​how to do character building.


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