Despite the possibility of a resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Joe Biden decided to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan for six reasons


Despite the possibility of a resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Joe Biden decided to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan for six reasons! (Episode 2)

A second episode about the reasons why Joe Biden decided to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, despite the possibility of a resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Despite the possibility of a resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Joe Biden decided to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan for six reasons
Despite the possibility of a resurgence of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Joe Biden decided to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan for six reasons

As you know, after the horrific terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York, the NATO alliance led by US President George W. Bush began to increase its military presence in Afghanistan in the name of suppressing militancy, defending the so-called human rights of the Afghan people and establishing democracy and peace. Even then British Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered a historic speech to the US Congress. Referring to Afghanistan there, he said the United States was not going to fight militancy alone, the United Kingdom was always with the United States. For years, the US military has been stationed in Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban in Afghanistan from regrouping and carrying out militant attacks in the United States. Before coming to power, Barack Obama criticized Bush for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, but he has increased troop deployments, citing US security concerns.

Then Trump also said in his political campaign that he would withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. The Trump-led peace deal with the Taliban in 2020 called for the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021. But Jens Stoltenberg, secretary-general of the NATO Military Alliance, criticized the Taliban for refusing to accept all of our demands in the agreement reached with Trump. So it is not yet time to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Finally, Biden decided to withdraw all troops.

Finally, President Biden recently announced that he would withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by 9/11. Biden said in his announcement that he is the fourth US president after Bush, Obama, and Trump to talk about US troops in Afghanistan. Joe Biden does not want to leave the task of withdrawing troops to his next president. So Biden doesn't want to take any more time with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Many fear the Taliban could re-emerge in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops. Al-Qaeda, which is close to the Taliban, could once again turn Afghanistan into a sanctuary for their militant activities, they say. America also knows that the Taliban can re-emerge. Why does Biden want to withdraw all troops despite knowing this?

Why did Biden decide to withdraw all his troops? -

★ One- The first reason is that time has changed a lot

According to Biden, 2001 and 2021 are not the same. The fact that we deployed troops in Afghanistan in 2001 does not mean that we have to keep troops there until 2021.

Now the question is how different are 2001 and 2021? In 2001, the Taliban were more organized than ever, and it was unthinkable for al Qaeda to attack the United States. But now, on the one hand, the Taliban are very isolated, in power struggles with each other, and on the other hand, Western intelligence agencies are now keeping a close eye on the Taliban, constantly monitoring their movements. So in an interview with ABC News on April 17, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also said that 2001 and 2021 are not the same year.

Biden's statement on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan He also explained the reasons in his speech.

Two - Afghanistan is no longer a priority for the United States

Secretary of State Blinken said the United States now has more important priorities than Afghanistan. These include relations with China, the climate crisis, the Corona crisis, and the management of the country's energy resources. Now the United States has to pay more attention to these issues. Corona has caused a recession in the US economy. The Biden administration is struggling to tackle the economy. The U.S. has spent trillions of dollars over the past 20 years behind the U.S. military in Afghanistan, and about 2,300 U.S. troops have been killed. Biden doesn't want any more soldiers to die now. And the Biden administration now prioritizes its own country over spending money on foreign soil.

The BBC's report on the total cost of the 20-year war in Afghanistan has come to light.

Three - The United States is considering controlling the situation through drone strikes

A few days ago, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan gave an interview to Fox News. "After the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, various areas of Iraq were occupied by the militant group IS," he said. As a result, then-US President Barack Obama had to send US troops back to Iraq. Now the question is, what will Biden do if something like this happens in Afghanistan? In his speech, Biden said he would use drones to deal with any such incident in Afghanistan. Will try to control the situation by carrying out drone attacks from America. President Biden will completely remove his eyes from Afghanistan, that is not the case. America is able to take a position for its own security anytime, anywhere.

Four- The United States is now considering the United Nations as an alternative. That is, delegating responsibility to the United Nations

Biden said the United Nations would monitor the situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops. He noted that the United Nations has the capability to deal with any security risks there.

Biden wants to use his country's money in Afghanistan, not with money, but with UN funding and, if necessary, a UN peacekeeping mission to deal with the situation.

★ Five - The United States will not take responsibility for Afghanistan. The United States believes that the Afghan government is responsible

Vice President Kamala Harris said in her election campaign that she would withdraw US troops from Afghanistan anyway. So the withdrawal of the army is an indirect reason for the implementation of that election manifesto. After the withdrawal of the army, the Taliban will face many conflicts with the new Afghan government over the power of Afghanistan. In this way, ordinary Afghans will suffer. Since the United States deployed troops 20 years ago to establish so-called democracy in Afghanistan, to protect the security of Afghans. Now that Biden has withdrawn his troops, who will protect the Afghan people from now on? The American answer now is that we are not responsible for what happens in Afghanistan. If the Taliban-government conflict escalates there now, or if the civilian population suffers in the civil war, why should the United States take responsibility now? According to them, the responsibility lies with the Afghan government. Ashraf Ghani, who was used by the United States for so long to save its own interests, is no longer needed. In fact, this is the inherent feature of America. That is why it is said that no one in the world is a permanent friend of the United States, a friend becomes an enemy at the end of the need.

Six - Considering the situation of the Taliban

The Taliban have also suffered a lot in the presence of US troops in Afghanistan over the past 20 years. Many Taliban soldiers have been killed. Thousands of Afghans have died. So if Biden withdraws all troops, the Taliban will also benefit. Do as you please in this area so they can continue. The Taliban also know that if they launch new attacks on the mainland of the United States or any other US base, the United States will not release them, but will retaliate. The Taliban also want a fresh offensive not to bring foreign troops here for long. With this in mind, the Taliban can now focus more on their own country than on counter-attacks on the United States.

For so long, the United States and the NATO alliance have been supporting Ashraf Ghani.

That is why Ashraf Ghani got some courage to stand up against the Taliban. Now many feel that Ashraf Ghani is almost helpless after Biden's decision. On the other hand, if the Taliban continue to fight the Afghan government in the old way, with no ground in Afghanistan, no one will benefit. In fact, Pakistan has a historical relationship with the Taliban. So India never wants a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan. If India now supports Ashraf Ghani to stop the resurgence of the Taliban, then perhaps the Ghani government will not feel helpless and will not be flexible against the Taliban. Therefore, after the withdrawal of US troops, if India and Pakistan actively move into Afghan politics, the situation in Afghanistan will no longer be normal.

In my opinion, now both the Taliban and Ashraf Ghani's government should solve the problem politically without bringing in a third party with some concessions. Ashraf Ghani should be the one to get out of this mentality and sit in talks with the Taliban. If Biden withdraws all troops by September 11, both the Taliban and the Ghani government should come to a common platform, form an interim government and hold new elections. And if the Taliban do not agree to this or focus on occupying one province after another without reaching a political solution, it is not clear at this point where the situation in Afghanistan will stand.


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