NBL: National Bank Probationary Officer Question Solution 2022

NBL: National Bank Probationary Officer Question Solution 2022

Eligibility for City bank Bike Loan

The first condition of the City bank Motorcycle Loan is that you have to be an adult citizen of Bangladesh and have a license to drive a motor vehicle. Anyone who is employed, self-employed, businessman, expatriate, landowner, freelancer, and involved in ride-sharing services (Uber, Send, Easy Ride, etc.) will be considered eligible for The City Bank Bike Loan.

If you are employed and your salary is paid in the account, then your monthly salary should be a minimum of 15 thousand rupees and if you have cash (cash) then a minimum of 20 thousand rupees. However, if the staff of City bank is 12000 rupees.

If you are a businessman, landowner, or professional (lawyer, journalist, pharmacist, etc.), you need to have a minimum monthly income of Rs 25,000 for a City bank bike loan.

In addition, if you are involved in freelancer, expatriate, and ride-sharing, you should have a monthly income of 30 thousand, 20 thousand, 15 thousand rupees (minimum).

However, you can also apply for a loan against your fixed deposit.

Documents required for Citybank Bike Loan

Documents required for The City Bank Bike Loan are: Bank statement of last 12 months, Salary Certificate, Copy of valid driving license, Copy of Voter ID Card, Visiting Card, Lab Print Passport size photo, Re-payment check Money is mentioned along with interest) Copy and photo of ID card of the personal guarantor.

City Bike Loan Interest Rate

The common interest rate on The City Bike Loan is 12.99%. Bike loan interest rate for girls is 1% less i.e. 11.99%. Ride-Sharing Partner 9.99%, Citybank Staff 4.94%, and City Bike Loan interest rate for customers of Yamaha, Honda, and Bajaj Company 11.99%.

Full Solution of MCQ questions:


Pin point error:

a) was hitting ( right was hit)
c) those ones

d) wasn’t it

b) to the manager

a) is


a) keep secret
b) purification

d) process of evolving

d) taciturn

c) express joy


c) wanderlust:travel


d) prediction:augury

a) dote:like


১৬. ঘ সদাচার

১৭. ঘ) তাড়াতাড়ি ভাত খেয়ে উঠ

১৮. খ) চির অশান্তি

১৯. খ) জীবনী

২০. গ) ক্ষমার্হ

Mathematics and analytical ability:

17^3 +17^4=?
Ans: c) 17^3 (18)

since at least 1 paperbacks and 1 hardbacks. total selection 5.
So, 4c4*6c1=6

4c3*6c2= 60



Total way=6+60+120+60=246

Ans: d) 246

Maximum pulse rate is R= 140
So, 140=176-0.8x


Ans: b) 45

One piece is x.
So, longer piece=x+2.8




longer one=8.9+2.8=11.7

Ans: b) 11.7

a. 3*10y^2=3(x^2-4)
ans: d) 5y^2=x^-2

total payment=8.5032+8.502*8=8.5(48)=408
ans: d) 408

r=6%, n=120 days or 4 months or 4/12=1/3 years
so I=pnr

or 360=2p/100
or p=360100/2
or p=18000

ans:c) 18000

let middle is x
so largest 3x
And smallest=3x -23

So, the numbers=4,9,27

so the product=4927=972
Ans: b) 972

15% of original cost=10 tk
so the original cost=10*100/15=66.66 or 67
ans:b) 67
time ratio of x:y=5:3
so the speed ratio of x:Y=3:5
so the x cover of 100 miles=100*3/8=37.5
ans: a) 37.5


d) Q
d) T

b) F and H

a) P for S

GK and Intelligence:

Who is the present president of Zimbabwe? d) none (Emmerson Mnangagwa)
Who was known as “Poet of Bhamropotra?- b) Bhupen Hazarika

won his 100th test cricket Against in which country?c) Srilanka

Which painter was awarded “Man of Asia ” by Cambridge University? c) SM Sultan

SDG will be achieved by- c) 2030

b) 55

d) M

a) 32408

a) 12

Solution of written math:


A, B, C can complete a work in 16, 32, 48 days respectively.After starting work 4 days later C left and B left 2 days before the completion of the work.How many days require to complete the work?

Total time taken is x days
According to the question,
Answer:94/9 or 10.44 days

Alternative Solution:

LCM of 26,32&48 is 96
Total work=96
efficiency of
A= 96/16=6 units
B= 96/32=3 units
C=96/48=2 units
worked done by A,B,C in 4 days = (6+3+3)4=44 units
worked done by A in 2 days = 26= 12 units
Remaining work
= 96-(44+12)
=40 units
remaining worked done by A&B
= 40/9
Total days = (4+2+40/9)=10(4/9) days
Answer:10.44 days


The perimeter of a square is equal to the perimeter of a rectangle field. The length of the rectangle is three times of its width and the area is 768 sq.meter. How many square sized tiles of 80 cm width will be required to cover the square field ?

The width of the rectangle is x m
And the length of the rectangle is 3x meter
According to the question,
Or, x=16
The width of rectangle is 16 meter
And length of rectangle is (316)=48 meter
Perimeter of the rectangle
=128 m
Each side of the square is a meter
Since the perimeter of the square is equal to the perimeter of the rectangle
Or, a=32
Area of the square
=1024 square meter
=10240000 square cm
Each tiles wide is 80 cm
Area of the tiles
=(8080) square cm
Required tiles need


Aman,Belal and Chad started a small business with a total amount tk 28,000.Aman paid tk 4500 more than Belal and Belal paid tk 7000 less than Chad.If the company made a profit of tk 5600 .How much profit should Belal receive?

Belal paid be x tk
Aman paid be (x+4500) tk
Chad paid be (x+7000) tk
According to the question,
Or, x=5500
Belal paid=5500 tk
Aman paid=10,000 tk
Chad paid =12500 tk
Ratio of investment is
Sum of ratio=56
Total profit =5600 tk
Belal should receive profit
=1100 tk
Ans:1100 tk

Question 4:

(2x-1) + 9/(3x-1)=3/(x+1) + 4/(x+1)

Or, 3x-1=-2x+1
Or, 5x=2
Or x=2/5

Ans: 2/5

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