Adkhana Bhalo Chele Adha Mostaan Musical Film Review and IMDb Rating - Download

Adkhana Bhalo Chele Adha Mostaan Musical Film Review and IMDb Rating - Download


First of all, I would like to thank director Abrar Athar K. There are many such musical films in the world. This is the first time in Bangladesh. Charki is bringing a lot of bold content which is a good aspect for the Bengali industry. I like it very much.

Shahan Chowdhury Arnab is one of the people who like Bangla songs. I have liked his songs for a long time. Today I learned the story of his growing up. How it got associated with the song. This is the first time I found out about his family. I learned another story from the family that I had never heard of.

How the boy from Dhaka went to Santiniketan told everything very well. And it was very nice to hear the songs in between. I knew that Arnab was only good at singing but today I found out that he is also good at another job. In the midst of all this, the cover songs with the waves of the sea have given peace to the ears. But in the midst of all this, nothing has been said.

I like the stage very much. The lighting around has enhanced the beauty. Color grading was also good. Cox's Bazar as a location I would say it is the best choice. Along with the director's release song, Tareq Masood has revealed something more unknown. Hope you like it.

Final Word:

This type of production is common in foreign countries. This is probably the first time in our country. Liked it very much. The people behind the camera went to talk to Abrar Athar Arnab and lightly touched on the liberation song, Tareq Masood, Shahbagh movement, Jadavpur varsity movement.
If you have a habit of watching something different, you can see, Adkhana Bhalo Chele Adha Mostaan

Happy watching

Trailer Review

After a long wait, Chorki's musical film 'Adhkhana Bhalo Chele Adha Mastan' directed by Abrar Athar and starring musician Arnob is finally going to be released. The release date of the film was announced today with the release of the official poster. The film will be released on video streaming platform Charki on September 23.

Adkhana Bhalo Chele Adha Mostaan Musical Film Review and IMDb Rating - Download
Adkhana Bhalo Chele Adha Mostaan Musical Film Review
and IMDb Rating - Download

There will be a new arrangement of 12 popular songs sung by Arnab in the movie 'Aadhakhana Bhalo Chele Aadha Mastan'. Along with that, some unknown stories of Arnab's life will be known, which will be heard by Arnab himself and the people close to him. Producer Abrar Athar started work on the film earlier this year.

The musical documentary 'Adhkhana Bhalo Chele Adha Mastan' is being made with the songs sung by artist Shayan Chowdhury Arnab at different times. Directed by Abrar Athar. The musical docu-drama has been shot in Cox's Bazar and Dhaka.

The documentary will have some memories of Arnab's old songs as well as pieces of his life. He will be accompanied by his band Arnab and Friends and Sunidhi Naik. 'Aadhkhana Bhalo Chele Aadha Mastan' will be released on Bangladeshi web platform 'Charki' on September 23 ...

In just a few days, Charki has made a lot of good content!
This is also going to be good content.
Arnab is a bright star of the country!

If he had not hidden, he would have been at the peak of his popularity in the country now.

Going to get streaming in Charki on the 23rd, this musical docu-film is a half-hearted good boy half-mastana made with artist Arnab.
It covers everything from Arnab's childhood to today's Arnab, along with a new collection of his popular songs that are an added bonus for Arnab fans like me.
And this poster was made by director Abrar Athar himself.
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