Mujib Amar Pita Animated Movie Review and Spoilers - IMBD Rating, Download

Mujib Amar Pita Animated Movie Review and Spoilers - IMBD Rating, Download


Mujib Amar Pita Animated Movie Review and Spoilers - IMBD Rating, Download

Mujib Amar Pita Movie Review and Spoilers - IMBD Rating, Download

Mujib Amar Pita is the first animated film to be released in the country.

Others may be better in many ways starting from quality but this is about our independence, liberation war, and history of Bangabandhu. So it should not be compared to anything, but yes you can say that it could have been done better. Many misconceptions will be cut by looking at it. Many will know something new.

Mujib Amar Pita Movie Review and Spoilers - IMBD Rating, Download

So I remembered this shot very well.

"Look, enemies, I have avenged my father's death.

I have returned my father's country to my father. "

Gott or the victorious face at the end of a war.

Really beautiful.

Mujib Amar Pita Movie Review and Spoilers - IMBD Rating, Download

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the only leader in the thousand-year history of the Bengali nation who has been able to establish an independent nation-state. And that state is our favorite Bangladesh. The journey of this dream from the exploitation of Pakistan to an independent Bangladesh was not so easy. Ignoring the bullet bombs, Bangabandhu has come a long way with the Bengali nation. Many more leaders have had this dream before, but none of them have succeeded. What no one could do, Bangabandhu did. The secret of love is human love.

He fell in love with Bangabandhu till the dust of Bengal. The reason is that just as he was by the side of the misery of the people in his childhood, so he became the constant companion of the misery of the Bengali nation in his old age. He was the leader of the miserable people.

Mujib Amar Pita Movie Review and Spoilers - IMBD Rating, Download

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman became educated in politics by studying people in the school of life. As a result, he became the only voice of the freedom-loving Bengalis and the father of the Bengali nation. His addiction was to get people around the country. Yes, for the liberation of the nation, for the freedom of the country, he has gone door to door to the people. Heard about their hard life. Heard the message of hope of liberation. He built the edifice of politics with the people of Bengal. So he loved people, believed. And so his strength is to love people, just as his weakness is to love people.

Growing up in an open village environment, Sheikh Mujib saw the life of the masses from a very young age. Bangabandhu fixed the political ideology from his own life experience. And that idea is to put a smile on the face of the poor. He never abandoned this idea. He never gave up on the side of the common man, nor did he think of giving up. At one time he wanted Pakistan in the hope of reversing the fate of the poor Muslims, but soon after the establishment of Pakistan when he understood the attitude of the ruling class, he immediately took a stand for the final liberation of the poor Bengalis. As a result, the Pakistanis started imprisoning him.

Mujib Amar Pita Movie Review and Spoilers - IMBD Rating, Download

Bangabandhu writes in his prison diary, "When I was arrested during the Bengali language movement in 1947, after the establishment of Pakistan, and again in 1949, I was arrested and released in 1952. My mother asked me, 'Dad, you shouted Pakistan Pakistan.' How much money have you spent? The people of this country heard the name of Pakistan from you. Why do they take you to the jail of that Pakistan today? '' He could not or did not give the correct answer to this simple question. It is now well known that he had to face the wrath of the rulers because of his pro-poor, pro-Bengali stance.

Although he faced the gallows more than once, he did not compromise. He was able to inject his own courage into the Bengali nation. At his call, the Bengalis patiently shed blood. He accepted death with a smile. Therefore, in the best speech of his life on March 7, 1971, Sheikh Mujib was able to say very firmly, 'When we have learned to die, no one can keep us under control'. No one else could really keep the Bengalis in check. The Bengalis have been able to snatch the blood flag of independence by breaking the shackles of Pakistan's rule and exploitation.

Highlighting his position on behalf of the poor even in war-torn independent Bangladesh, he said, 'The world today is divided into two parts - exploitative and exploited. I am for exploitation '. Bangabandhu declared his position in world politics by saying, 'Let us be clear - be it Africa, Latin America, Arabia, where people are exploited, where people are oppressed, where people are miserable, where people are oppressed by imperialists, we the people of Bengal are with miserable people. And I will stay '.

That is why Bangabandhu became an obstacle not only in the internal politics of Bangladesh but also in the regional and international politics of various oppressive forces. The national and international reactionary clique united to assassinate him. On August 15, 1975, the assassins killed him and his family and stopped him.

Who is this killer cycle? In his address to the council session of the Awami League on April 7, 1972, Bangabandhu said, 'Just as Bangladesh has given birth to millions of martyrs, it is also unfaithful. Razakar-Albadar has also taken place here. The roots of these parasites should be uprooted and burnt. Otherwise, freedom will be endangered. Some are conspiring in the name of extreme revolution. Bangabandhu identified the enemy. Although he spoke of burning the roots of parasites, he did not go far or could not achieve that goal. He was a very kind man; Generous, humane, and sensitive.

He did not deviate from the political vow of putting a smile on the face of the miserable people of Bengal. He was vocal against the corrupt people who took away the rights of the poor in the newly independent country. "As difficult as it is to gain independence, it is even harder to defend it," he said. The country has become independent today. But political freedom is meaningless without economic freedom.

Bangabandhu further said in the first council session of Awami League in independent Bangladesh, "Our policy is clear .... We have to put a smile on the faces of the sad people."

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