Kishore Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi Masterchef girl - third in the final round, Age, Birthplace, her life


Kishore Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi Masterchef girl - Age, Birthplace, her life

Personal Life: Kishore has developed a special fondness for Bengali food while learning Bangladeshi cuisine from his Bangladeshi parents. He also expressed his desire to write a book on Bangladeshi cuisine.

Kishore Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi Masterchef girl -  third in the final round, Age, Birthplace, her life
Kishore Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi Masterchef girl - 
third in the final round, Age, Birthplace, her life

He started his career as a business developer with a bachelor's degree in commerce from Monash University in Melbourne. Kishore's family with her husband Ehtesham Newaz and her two children.

Kishore said in an interview with the Daily Mail that he was inspired by Fo Ling Yeo, an Australian chef and master chef of Malaysian descent who competed in the 12th edition of Australia.

Kishore, the daughter of Australian expatriate Kamrul Hossain Chowdhury and Laila Chowdhury, was born and raised in Melbourne. He has lived in Bangladesh and Germany for several years.

The 37-year-old Kishore finished third in the final round of the competition on Tuesday.

Justin Narayan, a 26-year-old Australian of Indian descent, won the competition with a maximum of 124 points; Another contestant Pete Campbell became the first runner-up with 124 points. Kishore got 114 points.

Bangladeshi Kishore Chowdhury (he introduces himself as a Bangladeshi) has qualified to reach the final of Masterchef Australia. Congratulations to him. On such an international platform, he has presented his country's traditional food to the world. He has shown his expertise in cooking food of his own country as well as cooking food of other countries and has been highly praised by the judges in each episode. We all know all these things for the benefit of the online portal.

But the thing that is not usually discussed is about his critics. From the very beginning, there was a group of spectators who criticized him unnecessarily. There is no qualification to win the master chef. And the saddest thing is that most of these critics are Kishore's compatriot brothers, that is, some men in our country!

Don't think of these men as uneducated again, one of them is studying abroad in higher education, the other is working in a reputed institution in the country.

They are not exactly misogynists. They do not hate all women, but the non-white, "home-cook" ordinary emotional Bangladeshi women of their own country are the main cause of their headaches. They actually suffer from some kind of inferiority complex. The theorist Franz Fanon called their mentality "black skin white mask".

They can't accept that a woman from her own country who is a "home cook" can become a master chef by losing to a competitor from another country. Such people will look down on their mother or wife or any other woman who is a housewife. They are reluctant to acknowledge the contribution of the woman who spent the time behind the world.

In order to glorify one woman, it is necessary to change the mentality of looking down on other women. Because all women are claimants of honor and all women are entitled to unique features.

Kishore Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi girl, won the hearts of the judges by cooking Pantabhat-Aluvarta on a platform like Masterchef Australia.

Nowadays, if some of you are asked, do you know how to cook? Then they became fire in Reimage. Their reply is something like, why only girls have to cook? Why should I learn to cook? Can't girls work outside like boys?

Hey, sister relax. Girls can do everything. Cooking is not a sin or a small thing. Cooking is one of the most beautiful qualities in the world

You can sit all day and do makeup, photoshoot after western dress, browsing. But whenever you are asked to cook/learn, you say 'Girls were born just to cook?'

Yes, I also believe that boys and girls have equal rights Both of them should work in balance outside the house. But that is not by sacrificing the flexibility of women.

You can't be smart just by throwing away the sleeves, wearing a western dress, inserting 4/5 English words in a Bengali sentence, okay?

In the end, the only lesson we learned from 'Kishore's' sister was that the country can be represented by adopting the hand-picks.

And the brothers then asked the mother/wife what do you do at home all day? How much rice is cooked? ' Before talking about this type, Kishore's sister will think for a while, but 'Masterchef Australia' is ruling with rice.

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