Cruella Movie Review and Spoilers


Cruella Movie Review and Spoilers (2021)

Cruella Movie Review and Spoilers
Cruella Movie Review and Spoilers

One of the most terrifying Disney villains I've ever seen was Hades from Hercules and Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians. But the iconic song about him is very dear to me. Growing up, I realized how serious Cruella is as a fashion diva and the main theme of this movie is Cruella's journey into the fashion world. Along with her is Cruella's backstory which shows us how she became so ruthless and cruel later on.

The live-action versions of Disney's popular characters are far from expected. So I thought this movie would not be good. But I was very surprised to see the movie because I really liked the movie. This movie seems to be one of the best live-action remakes of Disney. The story of the movie is quite engaging and the acting is excellent, though it is not great or flawless.

Over-the-top acting is essential to bring out a stylish and sexy character like Cruella. But at the same time, the character should be portrayed in such a way that people do not feel annoyed or angry. With all this in mind, Emma Stone has brought this popular Disney villain to life. He and Emma Thompson are the highlights of this movie. The negative character in the movie played the role of Baroness

By Emma Thompson. He also adapted very well to the role and what a flair between his acting is noticeable. Her dialogue, delivery, and performance have made her hate her heart and soul. The two Emma-e have transformed their characters in a great way.

The story of the movie is very nice to me personally. Roughly every chapter of Cruella's life is shown. That's why the movie runtime is quite long. Many may complain about the runtime. I would also say that the fact that the runtime is getting bigger easily is noticeable because at one stage it seems that the movie seems to be over now. But it didn’t end there and a bigger climax was given. After watching the end of the movie, I actually felt that this conclusion was needed. But no matter how big the movie is, it never gets boring.

The costume designer and production designing team of this movie deserve special praise. They have done a very good job. I also like the eye-catching design and production design of a dress. I also like the editing of the movie and the makeup team has done a great job. They physically portray a character like Cruella on screen. However, it would have been better to use the previous song in the movie a little less. Liked the theme song of the last credit.


What I think they mean is that every human being has two kinds of personalities inside. Some people may keep their dark side in their minds for the rest of their lives. But some people liberate their dark side through one of the events that happened to them. They believe that the Dark Side can help them survive by making a mark of their own in this world, so they do it. Although the message is questionable, Morali agrees to present Cruella as an anti-hero with the story of the movie.

Finally, I would like to recommend this movie to everyone. I think everyone can easily enjoy this movie with the whole family. Those who are fans of Cruella will definitely watch the movie because Emma Stone has given a perfect performance to make this character stand out. I hope you like it.

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