Covid-19 and Black Fungus


Covid-19 and Black Fungus


today we're going to talk about covid 19 and black fungus in certain countries like India. There's been a higher incidence of getting a black fungus after cod19 and sometimes it takes between 10 and 60 days. and the name of this black fungus is called mucormycosis not that you need to know. that but it's a type of fungus that also is found in certain soils which is interesting and so what happens. if someone is getting a steroid treatment when they get covered 19 because of the lungs and especially. if they're a diabetic and they have chronic blood sugar levels. they have a much higher greater risk of getting this fungus so in other words. this fungus develops in people with a compromised immune system. 

because the problem is when you take a steroid you're actually suppressing the immune system in other words. the hormone cortisol whether it's natural or synthetic actually turns off. the immune system that's why they use it for inflammatory conditions right .because it gets rid of inflammation and then being a diabetic. 

which really weakens your system and also allows for that fungus to thrive on all that extra sugar in your blood. it'll put you in a situation where you potentially can get this fungus which is similar to candida a systemic candida infection. but it's actually more serious I want to clarify something. because in some of the articles on this topic you'll see that they talk about ketones and ketones are poisonous. and they can actually if you have ketones you might get the black fungus which is completely ridiculous. because they're talking about an advanced diabetic situation. when you have ketoacidosis and if you're healthy and you're not a diabetic you're not going to have ketoacidosis it's impossible so ketoacidosis and being in ketosis is not the same despite having part of the word being keto it's not the same okay. 

so I just want to clarify that but it's the chronic use of steroids and also having a chronic elevation of blood sugars that puts you at risk for having this fungus. now some of the symptoms would be a sinus infection that occurs like 10 or even 60 days later. and you can have spatial pain congestion eye pain. because there are sinuses around the eye a lung infection. a lot of respiratory coughing issues like that now having this fungus is rare. but it can happen and just like any fungus you have friendly funguses that live in our body. there are friendly funguses that live in the soil. 

it's when the environment becomes altered and susceptible to having the pathogenic type fungus take over is where we have problems. and so there are a couple of things that can be done about this fungus. number one hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been known to help this condition. why because oxygen inhibits the growth of this fungus. okay so, that's cool number two a lot of garlic and oregano pathogenic fungus do not like oregano and garlic. they can act as an anti-fungal. okay, a lot of vitamin d vitamin d can help naturally build up your immune system with zinc. 

and so the people that are getting this black fungus really have a weakened immune system. and that's why it's able to invade the tissues also take a non-dairy probiotic. why because if you have enough friendly bacteria you can also prevent the pathogenic forms of certain fungus from existing in the body. and the last thing is to get your blood sugars under control by doing healthy keto. and intermittent fasting hey before you go real quick.

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