The Father Movie Review and Spoiler

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The Father Movie Review and Spoiler


The Father Movie Review and Spoiler

This time only one person deserves an Oscar - Sir Anthony Hopkins. Ignoring this performance and awarding it to Chadwick would be a show of sympathy, which would make Chadwick look small. It was a Daniel Day-Lewis level performance, or something more extraordinary than The Silence of the Lambs.

The Father Movie Review and Spoiler

The movie, which topped the list of the top 10 movies at the festival, was released in theaters and streaming the latest, so this one movie, which was deprived of many big awards, was one of the best movies at the Oscars (although I haven't seen Mank, maybe I won't see it). Stockman's Top 10 Top Movie The Father, almost every time his No. 1 movie matches me. Will it match now?

I didn't think any other movie could surpass that after watching Minari. Instead, take The Father as a 2021 movie. Best of 2021 English language movies (list still includes Little Fish, Saint Maud, Shiva Baby, The Dig movies)

There have been a lot of movies about Alzheimer's disease (Supernova this year). Julianne Moore also won an Oscar for her role as a patient in the film Still Alice. But The Thrill and Challenge of The Father are here - shown for the first time from a patient's perspective.

Forgetting the family man, confusing the mother with the daughter, which one is real and which is the game of her forgetful brain? Or are they all joking? What's going on? The reality of a while ago is becoming a lie later, what a maze. Loyal people are becoming eyesores. Death is better than this helplessness!

In my personal life, I have seen or heard of this disease among many grandparents, grandparents, or the elderly. The suffering of the people around him has always been felt. This is the first time I have experienced this in terms of suffering. My own Khalu is suffering from Parkinson's disease, I don't go to see him, I know why I avoid it out of a kind of fear and helplessness. When I saw The Father, I felt his pain more than he and his family.

Alzheimer's is scary! I'm willing to take everything, I can't do it. There is nothing more embarrassing than this. And there is no escape from it. The best part about The Father is that it is a disturbing reality, but it never fails. Rather, it inspires understanding of the value of life and youth. Maybe I said more. You may find it a horror, psychological and heartbreaking experience. However, as long as you have a sense, you can get inspiration to take care of yourself.

Listening to the content may seem like nothing more than just Anthony Hopkins ’masterclass acting, but the main reason for being the best as a film is its screenplay and editing. Especially editing. To me, film editing means how smoothly and smoothly there is a transition from scene to scene, whether there is a rhythmic fall somewhere, all this.

The whole movie is limited to Anthony and a few character's angina and conversations filmed inside the apartment. Even then, there was no monotony, no separation from the narrative. There was no attempt to create disturbing visuals with camera cinematography color grading, yet I could clearly understand Anthony's psychological status, screenplay, editing, and directing - it would not have been possible if the three departments were not appropriate. Comes with a production design.

The director had thought of Mr. Hopkins in the filming of Florence District from the beginning but did not think he could cast a legend like him. When Anthony Hopkins was asked about the preparation of this difficult and complex character, he said that the task seemed easy to him. Hopkins, 62, was confident he could excel in his experience. But I didn't think it would be so good as a movie, because it was Floren's first job, and before that, his career was limited to screenwriting.

Although Olivia Coleman was nominated for the supporting role, I was so engrossed in Anthony's performance that I didn't notice Olivia. Most of the time, Anthony's mind was busy eating khabi in the game of brainwashing. Feeling Twisted Disorienting Feeling I'm Thinking of Ending Things, Mother! Movies! But do not be afraid, there is nothing as complicated as them!

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