The specifications, design, launch date, and price of the iPad Pro 2021

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The specifications, design, launch date, and price of the iPad Pro 2021


The specifications, design, launch date, and price of the iPad Pro 2021

The specifications, design, launch date, and price of the iPad Pro 2021
The specifications, design, launch date, and price of the iPad Pro 2021

The Apple iPad Pro is coming with insane new hardware. So today we've got more confirmations 

on the incredible specs and the design of the iPad  

pro-2021 we've got the news that they're launching a 

a bit later so we 

had a leak from Jon Prosser last week advising us  

of a launch date of the 23rd of march for the iPad 

pro the AirPods in the air tags but many sources  

are now disagreeing yesterday Digi times issued a 

the report quoting one of their industry insiders and  

it states that epistar who were producing the mini 

led chips for the iPad pro were actually planning  

for shipments to begin in the second quarter of 

2021 and that is of course april now did you times  

go on to say that it's still believed there's 

going to be an event to showcase the air tags the  

AirPods 3 and the new iPad Pro 2021 but it's not 

going to be until at least April following that  

we had a report from Bloomberg that also tells us 

not to expect the ipad pro until april but they  

also provide some further specs now according to 

bloomberg the new ipad pro is being tested with  

a thunderbolt connector to make them compatible 

with external monitors and peripherals along with  

faster data syncing while the macs have been using 

thunderbolt for years the ipad pro has been using  

usb type-c so this could be a useful add-on 

for many they also confirm that the mini led  

display is going to be included on at least the 

12.9 inch ipad pro which brings more doubt about  

the 11 inch version not having this technology 

well it could sort of make sense to have it on  

the most premium model only it's also going to 

disappoint people who want the 11 inch version  

just for the smaller display it's unfortunately 

looking very likely that the 11 inch ipad pro is  

not going to have a mini led display but as soon 

as we get some solid information on this i'll be  

sharing it straight away now this morning we had 

another update from reliable analyst ming gqo  

and he stated that mass production of the ipad pro 

is going to start mid to late april he stated that  

ems are going to start their mass production of 

the mini led display in mid to late april and that  

there has been a delay from issues due to tsmt 

but this is expected to be resolved he also states  

that the a14 in the ipad pro is going to be on 

par with the m1 apple silicon which backed up the  

previous statements from mark german he says it 

will be getting thunderbolt and improved cameras  

and of course at the new midi led technology well 

there were rumors of the air also having mini led  

ming chiquo states that it's not going to be 

happening until at least 2022 and it will be  

exclusive to the ipad pro for now with so many 

sources telling us it's not until april it seems  

that this is now pretty certain apple would have 

also sent out the invites by now if it was going  

to be the 23rd but overall it's looking like a 

great improvement for those of you that need an  

updated ipad pro the design is pretty much 

the same but we get all-round updated hardware  

on the 12.9 inch version we get the incredible 

new display for those of you that do want the ipad  

pro 2021 we're now going to run through the full 

specs design and the expected pricing to help you  

guys decide if this is the tablet for you for my 

regular viewers you guys would have already seen  

this so just jump to the next video but if you 

are new here then make sure you hit subscribe  

and we'll get right into it so to start with we've 

got the 11 inch ipad pro it's of course going to  

be an 11 inch mini led display we're expecting an 

increase in resolution but the exact specs are not  

known at this time we're expecting a single selfie 

camera embedded into the top bezel and rumors are  

suggesting a 10 megapixel camera on the rear 

we're expecting a dual camera setup consisting  

of a wide and an ultra wide camera and we also 

get the additional lidar sensor it's going to be  

powered by the a14 bionic chipset or the reports 

are suggesting that it could be called the a14z  

we're expecting six gigs of ram along with the 

choice of 128 256 512 or even one terabyte storage  

although its size has been reduced slightly 

we're still expecting a 28.65 watt hour battery

with 18 watt fast charge wireless charging and 

reverse wireless charging it's of course going  

to support 5g and reports are suggesting it'll 

be sub 6 gigahertz along with millimeter wave  

the phone is of course going to ship with ipad os 

14 and while some sources are claiming that it's  

going to have touch id and face id we expect it 

to be face id only when it comes to the pricing  

we're expecting the wi-fi only model to start from 

800 and the wi-fi plus 5g to start from around 950  

next up we've got the 12.9 inch ipad pro now 

this is of course going to be a 12.9 inch mini  

le display but it's gonna have a higher resolution 

than the 11 inch but going by their previous  

releases it's likely to have the same amount of 

pixels per inch we're expecting a single selfie  

camera embedded into the top bezel and as rumors 

suggest a 10 megapixel camera on the rear we get  

a dual camera setup consisting of a wide camera an 

ultrawide camera and the additional lidar sensor  

it's going to be powered by the a14 bionic and 

as i said rumors are saying it could be the a14z  

we're expecting the same ram in storage so that's 

six gigabytes of ram along with 128 256 512 or  

even one terabyte storage because it's larger than 

the 11 inch it also has a larger battery we're  

expecting a 36.71-watt-hour battery with 18 watt 

fast charge wireless and reverse wireless charging  

it will of course support 5g and again reports 

are suggesting that both sub-six gigahertz  

and millimeter-wave we're expecting the wi-fi 

the only model to start from one thousand dollars  

and the wi-fi plus 5g to start from 1150 

so we know a little bit of information  

about the iPad pro-2021 and it's looking 

to be another great offering from apple  

of course with launch expected to be just a couple 

of months away.

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