Paragraph with Bangla meaning

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Paragraph with Bangla meaning

 Paragraph with Bangla meaning

Tree Plantation with Bangla Meaning

Tree plantation means planting trees on a large scale. They are the part and parcel of our life. They are useful and important to us in many ways. We cannot think of our existence on earth without trees. They provide us with varieties of fruits which are very delicious and at the same time rich in vitamins. They supply us with various kinds of timbers which are used to make houses, furniture, boats, buses trucks, etc. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen which is needed for our life. We use trees as raw materials for different industries like paper, ply-wood, matches, etc. In a rural area, people use trees as firewood to cook their food, Trees also keep our environment cool and thus maintain ecological balance and save us from natural calamities like drought, cyclones, floods, and river erosion. An area devoid of trees may turn into a desert. So, we should plant more and more trees to save our environment. The rainy season is the best time for planting trees. After planting we should take necessary care of the little plants so that they can grow up properly. Awareness about the importance of trees should be created among the people. Above all, we should participate in the tree plantation program of the government to make it a success. Students should also take part in the tree plantation program of the government.

Tree Plantation

My School Library with Bangla Meaning

A school library is a library where have been many resources and students and teachers have access to read and discuss the knowledge and idea. Every educational institution has a library of its own. It is a storehouse of books and a part and parcel of a school. It plays an important role in the realm of knowledge. Like many other institutions, we have a big library in our school. It is situated on the first floor of our school building. It is a digitalized library with a well-furnished reading room. The books are kept in 25 almirahs according to the categories of classes and alphabetical order. At present, it has as many as twenty thousand books on literature, history, geography, books on arts, science, commerce, etc. Students and teachers come to the library for reading books as their choice. Students can also borrow books from the library on the condition that they have to return them in a week. It remains open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on every working day. There is a trained and qualified librarian who is in charge of the library. He helps the students to select good books. He maintains the discipline within the library. A library is really a storehouse of knowledge. It is the fountainhead from where the stream of knowledge flows. I am really proud of my school library. Poor students who cannot afford to buy their books can borrow them from the library. I borrow books from our school according to my choice to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. I am really happy and proud of my school library.

My School Library

Traffic Jam with Bangla Meaning

When a large number of vehicles close together and are unable to move or move slowly, it is called a traffic jam. It is a common affair and at the same time a great problem in our country. There are many causes of traffic jams. The main or root cause of traffic jams is the narrowness of roads and a large number of vehicles. Our vehicles have increased alarmingly but our roads have not increased accordingly. Secondly, lots of rickshaws that ply on the roads and streets often block the roads and create a traffic jam. Again most of the drivers are not willing to obey the traffic rules. They want to drive their vehicles at their sweet will, which is another traffic jam. Haphazard parking and unnecessary overtaking of vehicles are responsible for traffic jams. Owing to traffic jams, people have to wait on the roads for us together. It kills their valuable time and hampers their work. Many people fail to attend their office and workplace on time. The trouble should not be allowed to continue. We want to get rid of this problem. To overcome the problem, the existing narrow roads and streets should be widened. One-way movement of vehicles should be introduced and flyovers have to be constructed in certain areas where traffic jam occurs frequently. Besides, traffic rules should be imposed strictly so that the drivers are bound to obey them. Sufficient traffic police should be posted at important points. Unlicensed vehicles should be banned. Above all, it is the duty of everybody to follow the traffic rules to ensure smooth movement of vehicles. 

Traffic Jam

A Book Fair with Bangla Meaning

A Book Fair I have visited

A book fair is an attractive event where different types of books are displayed and sold. It has recently become very popular everywhere in our country. It is usually held in cities and towns on some particular occasions. The largest book fair is held at Bangla Academy Premises on the occasion of 21st February. It continues for a month, I would not have believed that a book fair could be so fascinating, had I not visited the book fair held at Bangla Academy Premises last year. It was around 3 o’clock when I reached there. There were about 300 stalls of different publishers and booksellers. People of all ages particularly students and children came to enjoy the fair and to buy books. Many poets, novelists, and writers also came to visit the fair. Many of them were seen exchanging greetings with the people. The books on literature, fiction, novels, dramas, sciences, medicines, politics, history, general knowledge, philosophy, biology, etc. were put on different shelves for sale in the fair. I visited different stalls and bought some books for myself and my friends. My joy knew n bounds when I saw my favorite books at the fair. A book fair reminds us that books are our best friends and companions. It creates our curiosity and interest in reading more books and thus helps widen our domain of knowledge. I left the fair with a joyful and gathering some new experience about the importance of a book fair.

A Book Fair

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