Completing story with Bangla Meaning

Completing story with Bangla Meaning


Most popular Completing story with Bangla Meaning

The foolish crow and the sly fox with Bangla meaning

One day a crow stole a piece of meat. It flew away and sat on the branch of a tree. Suddenly a fox was going under that tree and saw the piece of meat in the beak of the crow.

The fox desired to eat the piece of meat. But how could it ask the crow to give it? The fox hit upon a plan to fulfill its evil motives. It began to flatter the crow. It said, “oh, my dear friend, how beautiful you are! Your feathers are so fine. Your voice must be very sweet. Please sing a song.” The flattering words of the fox pleased the crow very much and it became overwhelmed with joy. Again the fox began to say that the crow was dumb and so it could not sing. At this, the crow became a bit angry and in order to prove his remark false, the crow started singing Ka Ka Ka. AS soon as the crow opened its mouth, the piece of meat fell down from its mouth and the sly fox picked it up in its mouth and went away quickly. So, never trust a flatterer.

The foolish crow and the sly fox
               [The foolish crow and the sly fox with Bangla meaning]

An Honest Woodcutter with Bangla meaning

Once there lived a woodcutter in a village. One day he was cutting wood near a river. Suddenly his axe fell into the river. The river was very deep. The woodcutter did not know how to swim and dive. Sitting there sadly, he was weeping for his axe. A beautiful fairy appeared there.

The fairy wanted to know why he was weeping. The woodcutter told her everything. Hearing the whole incident, the fairy felt pity for him. She at once dived into the river and came back with an axe made of gold. She showed the axe and asked the woodcutter if it was his axe. The woodcutter politely replied in the negative. The fairy again dived into the river and came back with a silver one. This time also the woodcutter refused to take it since it was not his axe. His axe was made of iron. So the fairy dived for the third time and came back with the real axe. The woodcutter was delighted to get back his axe. The fairy was surprised at the honesty of the woodcutter. The woodcutter expressed his hearty gratitude to the fairy. When the woodcutter was about to leave the place, the fairy gave him the other two axes as a reward for his honesty. Honesty never goes unrewarded.

An Honest Woodcutter

                [An Honest Woodcutter with Bangla meaning]

Dividing the Bread with Bangla meaning

Once two rats found a piece of bread. They could not agree to divide it between them because each of them wanted to get a larger share of it. At last, they went to a monkey and requested him to divide the bread between them equally.

They hoped that the monkey would show justice to them. But the monkey was very clever. He took the bread and said that it was not an easy task. It would cost them a lot. He then brought a pair of scales. Then he cut the bread into two pieces and put them on the scales. As one piece was heavier than the other, the monkey took a bit from the heavier one and put it back on the scales. This time the piece became heavier. So he ate another small portion of the larger one. He did the same thing again and again. At last, there remained only a very small piece of bread. “Stop! Stop!” shouted the rats. “We will divide it ourselves. Give us this little piece.” The monkey became angry. “This is my piece.” He shouted. “Haven’t I done a lot for you?” Then he ate that very small piece too. The two rats saw it but could not say anything. They heaved a sigh and went away with heavy hearts.

Dividing the Bread

                  [Dividing the Bread with Bangla meaning]

A Thirsty Crow with Bangla meaning

Or Where there is a will, there is a way

Once on a summer day, a crow became very thirsty. It went here and there in search of water but in vain. The crow was about to die but it did not lose hope. At last, it saw a jar at a little distance and flew to it.

But the water was at the bottom of the jar and beyond the reach of the crow.  The crow tried again and again but could not drink water at all. The crow became very sad and hopeless. It was in a fix what to do. Suddenly it saw some pieces of stones beside the jar. The crow hit upon a plan. It picked up the pieces of stones and dropped them one by one into the jar.

The water in the jar then rose up to its neck. The crow drank water to its heart’s content and flew away with a joyful mind. Had the crow stopped finding ways to drink water, it would not be possible for it to drink water. So we should always remember the proverb- “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

A Thirsty Crow
Or Where there is a will, there is a way

               [A Thirsty Crow with Bangla meaning]

Two Friends and a Bear with Bangla meaning

Or A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

There were two friends in a village. They were very good friends. They promised that they would never leave each other even at a time of danger. One day they were walking through a forest.

Suddenly, a bear appeared before them. Both the friends got afraid of the bear. One of them, however, knew how to climb a tree. Without making any delay he climbed up a big tree leaving his friend in danger. Finding no alternative the other friend lay down on the ground like a dead body, for he knew that a bear does not eat a dead man. Soon the bear came close to him and smelt his ears, nose, face, and the whole body. Thinking the man to be dead, the bear went away. His friend saw everything from the tree. He came down from the tree and asked his friend, what the bear whispered into his ears. His friend replied that the bear told me not to believe a friend who leaves his friend in danger.

    [Two Friends and a Bear with Bangla meaning]

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