15,000 taka Donation in Bangladesh 2024

15,000 taka Donation in Bangladesh 2024

The authorities' way of talking about the need for training and improving people has been reflected in the proposed public financial plan for the 2023-24 financial year and has been neglected. The record-high public financial plan of Tk761,785 crore has a record-low allocation of Tk88,000 crore for training - adding up to 11.57 percent of the full spending plan and 1.76 percent of the gross domestic product. Although the number of invisibles is imperceptibly higher than the number of titles for the current year, these numbers proportionally mark a significant low. So much training is needed for government officials!

15,000 taka Donation in Bangladesh 2024

Individuals in general society and even lawmakers, in pre-financial planning conversations, have regularly called for large government financial plans for school education. They have tried to present the defense that the public's intention to scale the level of a high-center salary country and ultimately reach a created country status requires this assumption. They refer to very low state-funded directive fiscal planning in contrast to neighboring and other agrarian countries. They target a proposed global norm of six percent of gross domestic product and a government spending plan of 20 percent or more for the education sector in schools.

Announcing his financial plan, titled "Towards Brilliant Bangladesh Supporting the Improvement Accomplishments in 10 Years and a Half," Money Priest AHM Mustafa Kamal said, "It is our unique responsibility to improve the nature of training at all levels. " "We are reaping the rewards of public authority strategies as well as designated spending on schooling and skills improvement in recent years," he said. "

Visitors to the training scene and concerned residents will appreciate the outpouring of commitment to quality, but most will question the statement that we are reaping the rewards of method and designated costs.

To maintain the fineness of the exercise cost plan, it is a continuation of what is being finished inside the current example and design. As much is admitted when it is said, "In the case of necessary training, we will proceed with our general practice, especially the improvement of structures; extensions, fixes, and redesigns; payments; introduction of course readings and other instructional materials; enrollment and preparation of teachers. ; Digitization, taking care of schools and more "A comparative articulation of foundation, delivery, and development can be seen in different degrees of education.

There is no need for foundation and extension. Teachers, in any case, argue that sources of information do not ensure the learning and skill outcomes of students unless the sources of information are used effectively through necessary mechanisms. These include excellent teaching methods, adequately qualified educators, work by talented educators, supervision and responsibility in each school, a conducive learning environment in the school, and a fair assessment of what the learners have not learned.

Enrollment in training at all levels has certainly expanded, especially at the essential level. Without development, the imbalance between the accessible evidence and structure of a study's learning outcomes and rejection does not provide much of an argument behind comfort.

The troubling impact of the pandemic - particularly the increased school dropout - and studies returning to the target are an overall concern. Training Watch and various experiments have warned of the immediate and logical long-range harm caused by the pandemic to students and the school system in Bangladesh. They have argued for dire healing measures, including resource support and funding for schools and instructors.

The new financial plan does not show awareness of the need for post-pandemic recovery and healing activities. During the pandemic and its rapid aftermath, we have seen a similar rejection of pandemic impacts and the need for recovery support for training in the previous year's spending plans (FY 2020-21 to FY 2022-23).

When the public financial plan neglects to give due recognition to the needs and demands of an indispensable area such as direction, what is the frustration of the Priest of Money, who presents spending plans for the benefit of the public authorities? The organizers of the spending plan in the Service of Money are not supposed to be skilled in the correct system of education in the school and what to give in the complexities of the project or the requests of the competition. Training specialists - in Bangladesh, the two services of schooling - have to present a defense and be robust about it.

Schooling staff have resisted the new drive to train and have had difficulty drawing with schooling specialists in a serious exchange for training to improve skills and abilities. Having two services of instruction with divided turf in any event to oversee the school's training has not helped create an all-encompassing vision for change. Senior officers of the two services who seem to be giving orders are satisfied with the situation, and not inclined toward creating waves.

We have no idea what the two services have requested in terms of raising the designation for the area, and whether any creative reasoning has found a place in the living room of their financial plan. There has not been an overwhelming acceptance from the two services of training and political leaders to the request of general society schooling advocates to reconsider the 21st-century directive.

Moving towards a more significant and more true decentralization of instructional administration in the restructuring plan of training, attracting able-bodied individuals to the call to show up and put them there, a significant drive to broadly and successfully apply the blended approach (maintaining the combination of technology-based and educators) of the hang of) building organizations between public and non-state entertainers, and forming a highly sustainable schooling commission to direct and screen changes in the school system. These could be part of the Schooling Area Plan and a 10-year megaproject for education.

At the political level, like the senior training organization, by all accounts, there is little appetite for thinking about and following the groundbreaking changes in school education that go beyond simple empty talk.

A valid example is the extraordinary allocation of Rs 100 crore in the financial plan for skill development of the youth. It is natural that "the examination and advancement centers of various neighborhood colleges will prepare 80,000 young people in modern innovation and business development. " The expectations are commendable. In any case, an independent initiative of this kind can not succeed when most of the "neighborhood colleges" do not meet the minimum guidelines for scholarly weathering and execution.

Basically, the school system in Bangladesh requires a lot of large public speculation, but the ideal outcome can only be accomplished when the needs, projects, and procedures for effective activity are set and upheld by a critical level of political choice.

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