YouTumar Web Film Review and IMDB Rating - Pritam, Palash, Chorki, Download

YouTumar Web Film Review and IMDB Rating - Pritam, Palash, Chorki, Download


YouTumar Web Film Review and IMDB Rating - Pritam, Palash, Chorki, Download

YouTumar Web Film Review and IMDB Rating - Pritam, Palash, Chorki, Download

YouTumar Web Film Review and IMDB Rating - 

Pritam, Palash, Chorki, Download

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10

personal rating: 8/10

Monty and Don are two friends. Works in a shop in Monty's Dulabhai. They work as mascots there. Monty wants to be a viral YouTuber. But Don wants to be a cine actor. But even after auditioning, he was not given much attention. In doing so, Monty tells her that she needs to be viral in order to be found. Then one night, Don sees a video of a girl on Facebook where a lot of people are reacting, sharing.

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Even after that video, the subscribers of that girl increased to 2 lakh. Seeing this, Don thinks he will also go live. And make videos. Mayakanna started going live. The video says he has a tumor. Dia, Don goes viral. Followers continue to grow by leaps and bounds. He is called by many famous brands. But what is his talent? Nothing! What happens to this viral don? If you want to see it, watch the movie.

The movie focuses on several topics. The issue of being viral at first. Then it is shown that the branch of news grows.

As I said before, anyone can go viral now. It does not have any specific quality. These real issues are very nicely portrayed in the film through humor. The chemistry of Pritam and Palash is quite frozen. Didn't laugh out loud. It would not be a mistake to call the film a social satire. And the songs are more joss. That is to say, removing the colored mask.

Pritam has adapted quite well to the character of Don. I like the addition of Palash. The mystery element in the film was Jackson's brother. YouTuber and social media influencers like the cameo. So that the movie looks more real.

I would tell everyone to take a look at this picture. Thanks to Director Adnan Al Rajib. To give such a beautiful gift to the audience on the occasion of Eid. Don't be ashamed of the link. Content from your own country. Own country's streaming site. Take a look at the movie by spending a little.

In fact, "Bengalis clap their hands at the monkey game for lack of opportunity"

The idea that web content means crime, thriller people is common among all of us, Adnan Al Rajeeb has changed that idea and brought in the dark comedy "YouTumor" but the comedy has deceived us, some important messages for our social platform.

The film stars Pritam, Palash, and Sharaf Ahmed. Along with some YouTubers who are trending at the moment. However, some of them are on YouTube and some of them are cancers of YouTube, i.e. "tumors" whose creators have named them "you tumors". Just like tumors do no good for our body but are harmful, these "euthyroid" are just as harmful to our social media platforms. There is no positivity in them without a negative effect

All applause at the monkey game!

The web content euthanasia based on the current craze for social media in our country was completely different! Director Adnan Al Rajib has pointed the finger at how much an ordinary person can go down for fame and how much people can lift him up by grabbing him.

His work must be appreciated. All in all, everyone in the movie has done fantastic work. Thanks to the storyteller for writing such a beautiful story. Everyone's acting is perfect but my eyes were on Pritam. Her dialogues will help us change our thinking. The songs were catchy. 

At present, young people should learn something by watching it, to awaken the feeling of thinking in themselves. It was a beautiful job. This time too the manufacturer gave us another quality work as a gift.

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