What exactly is a parallel universe? Is Mysterious Parallel Universe Really Possible?


What exactly is a parallel universe? Is Mysterious Parallel Universe Really Possible?

What exactly is a parallel universe? Is Mysterious Parallel Universe Really Possible?

1. What exactly is a parallel universe?

Multiverse is a theory that states that there are multiple worlds in the universe and that they are replicas of each other. It is even thought that the planets in the Parallel Universe, like the Earth, have the same kind of people. Everything looks exactly like us. Absolutely like our twin world. That is, the universe

Somewhere along the line, there are some similar parallel universes, which do not know about each other's existence.


2, What is the main basis of the parallel universe?

String theory is the basis of the parallel universe.

To know about this you need to have good knowledge of quantum mechanics. The most complex and difficult mathematical subject in physics is quantum mechanics. So most people will not understand this.

I am trying to give a light idea about the string theory of quantum mechanics.


STRING THEORY I imagine a tree and there are many fruits in that tree. This time I take fruit from that tree and think about what the fruit is made of. If the fruit goes inwards, I can see small molecules, atoms, and electrons all around.

If we magnify these atoms inside, we will see that neutrons, protons, and other smaller particles exist. This is not the end, the answer to how these particles are made again is made up of tiny particles of quarks.

Our conventional idea ends here, but if this quark is magnified, according to string theory, we will find it inside (little tiny filament, little tiny filament of energy, little string light filament). If we make a melody by a violin (according to string theory this melody is not a sum of some particle vibrations).

Now if we think of these quarks or protons as other particles, these are usually the sum of (string vibrating). Now if we go backward, we think of the fruit of our hand, we can imagine how many concentrations of this fruit are actually made by a fully vibrating string filament.

We can imagine our whole universe with vibrating string energy.


3. Is Mysterious Parallel Universe Really Possible?

Not all physicists agree on a parallel universe but disagree with others.

Now the question is what is the explanation of the Parallel Universe !! As I said earlier, according to string theory, our universe has been compared to vibrating string energy. (Keep this in mind)

In 1954, the American physicist Hugh Everett gave an explanation: Every action we take produces different reactions at the quantum level. A reflection similar to what we do is reflected in another universe because according to string theory our universe is just a vibrating force that can be reflected.


To give an example, suppose you want to be a doctor or an engineer but you are an engineer in the world but in another universe, you will be a doctor because you both wanted to be a doctor or an engineer. And as a reflection of this, you will become a doctor in another universe and an engineer in another universe like the earth.


4. Is it possible to travel in a parallel universe?

Possible, through the wormhole. Now the question is what is a wormhole?

Light gives a little idea, the opposite of a black hole is a wormhole (there are wormholes next to each black hole) Think of one thing, take a long piece of paper and draw two circles on either side of the perpendicular. Now there is a long way to go from one circle to another, there is an alternative way if we fold the paper and make the two heads one and the two circles will go along the same and can easily travel along the perpendicular (1st comment below) View image)

And this long, easy way is an easy way to get from one universe to another called a wormhole. (This little word doesn't mean much).


5. What time travel is related to the parallel universe

Basically, the possibility of a parallel universe comes to the fore in the search for answers to the complexities of time travel. While time travel is theoretically possible, there is some ambiguity about past travel. One of them is the "Grandfather Paradox".

Suppose a man travels to the past and kills his grandfather or father as a child. But if one can really do this, then his grandfather is not supposed to be an adult, then he is not supposed to get married, not even to give birth to a child after marriage, not even to have grandchildren. So, if someone goes to the past and kills his grandfather, then where did the killer come from? It is not supposed to exist !!!

One of the possible answers to this question is the parallel universe.

The other universes of the parallel universe may have other dimensions so it is impossible for us to comprehend. [Where we are able to understand up to 3 dimensions].

We have not been able to discover even 4 percent of the universe. So it is not possible to prove whether there is another universe like ours. It is possible to prove a parallel universe by the mathematical solution of quantum mechanics.

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